Initial Meeting

It all begins with a consulation session, whether you would like to meet in person if you are UK based, or via any modern communication method if you are Globally based. This the most important stage as all aspects of the project will be covered, ensuring that all your requirements will be met in the final product. At this initial stage we will help you to strengthen an existing idea or generate a completely fresh perspective.


Great planning is essential for success, so we take great care to cover every possible detail and generate contingency routes to give you peace of mind and allow us to work to our maximum potential.

Pre Production

Pre production is where we make tech demo’s to see what is achievable within the timeframe. Our projects usually feature new elements for each product, to give you a unique look which fits your style and branding. We think it is important that we do not rely solely on old techniques as we are a developing company striving for improvement.


During production we will continuesly show you work as the project unfolds, so that your feedback can be a part of the creative process. We have the skills to produce your vision and we always put our clients first.


Editing is where the initial idea comes into full fruition, as we choose the best shots to suit the mood of the piece and keep it interesting for the viewer. If music is involved, everything will be cut in syncronisity which helps strengthen the overall look and feel. You will recieve a rough cut to see if anything needs changing before moving forward to the final cut.

Post Production

Post production is our specialty so you can guarantee that our treatment of the film will really bring it to life. Colour correction, special fx and animated titles / idents all add to the final package and although this stage is often overlooked with other video producers, we regard it as one of the most important steps to make your product stand out from the crowd.

Sound Creation

If you require any royalty free music or sound effects, we have a team of professional sound designers that specialise in making the film as pleasing to the ears as it is to the eyes.


Once everything is complete, you will be shown the final version which due to the previous stages should be perfect, but if anything does need altering we will ensure a fast turn around before we deliver the product.


We are proud of the work we produce, so we like to showcase it. Unless specified by yourselves, the video will be featured on any applicable video sites and blogs to help you to get your film out to a global market. All of this comes with no extra charges.